Im a fairly avid twitter user. I love its spontaneity and its freewheeling nature, and the sense of the immediate. It can be fun and it can be and usually is a community.  But there is a large and festering problem of egregious, vicious, disturbed and disturbing trolling. It goes beyond trolling to …I dont know what. Abuse, certainly. Evidence of clear dangerous derangement for which people need help, yep. Much of this is directed to women ; much to minorities. The fact that globally us pale pink folk are a minority is a fact not acknowledged by the basement dwellers of the global community of Twitter.

Today we saw, as we have, a new runner for the @Ireland account. I have no idea who this woman is – she is large, black, English and sounds great craic. Thats this week. Next week it could be a dwarvish Inuit from Ballyhaunis or a transgendered potter from Allihies, or a lawyer from Ring .. its an account that tries and usually succeeds in giving different perspectives on Ireland in 2016.

Following the travails of Michelle as she faced a tidal bore of the most awful abuse was illuminating. And shaming, as a man, as an Irish citizen, and as a member of the human race.

There is no need for this. Twitter has a very well documented problem with how it deals with abuse. It needs to sort this, or die, and deservedly.



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