How do Credit Unions in Ireland view Brexit?

This morning I delivered a talk to the Credit Union Compliance Center Annual Conference. Part of the talk was on the results of short survey which they had issued to the risk and compliance officers of their 160 members.

The full slide set is here :  CUCC TCD August 2016 talk but the survey results are shown below. The CUCC members are mostly the larger and thus the most impactful CU’s . 75/160 of their members responded. Members are drawn from the island of Ireland as a whole.

Screenshot 2016-08-22 15.39.26Screenshot 2016-08-22 15.39.04Screenshot 2016-08-22 15.39.01Screenshot 2016-08-22 15.38.45Screenshot 2016-08-22 15.38.19

1 thought on “How do Credit Unions in Ireland view Brexit?


    I wouldn’t take a lot of heed of what CU officers say, unfortunately. I used to be a director of a medium-sized one. They are run by well-intended people, but there is a huge deficit of professional skills. The salaried management are clerical rather than professional. Very few credit unions have in-house access to the expertise needed to assess the impact of Brexit.


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