Post Brexit Anger

This article made me think – what happens when the majority of the British people who voted to leave the EU realise that they were duped, conned, gulled, lied to and …they swallowed it?

Generally speaking the Brits are decent, sober, sensible, folk. But every nation has their breaking point. What happens if Scotland goes? Most people in England couldnt give a farthing for Northern Ireland, except in a general “all part of the union, innit” sense. Scotland is different, larger, more integrated, more important in every way. Lets say they go. Then add the permanent Tory majority which is emerging, propped up on the right by some variant of Ukippery. Add in the realisation that yep, the Tories lied, Labour is eating its own entrails, again, and there is no succor from a Europe to whom we gave two fingers.

What does it take to get anger from simmering resentment?

3 thoughts on “Post Brexit Anger

  1. Philip Boyd

    It wasn’t just the people of Sunderland and the rest of Northern England who voted out. The majority of voters in the South also voted Leave. Northerners are decent, hard working people who, rightly, feel alienated and betrayed by successive London Governments as their industries and jobs have been decimated by globalisation, the pursuit of profit above everything else as well as the reversal of the post war consensus by the adoption Neo-liberal economic policies. They swallowed the rhetoric of the Brexit campaign led by Johnson and Gove and will suffer the consequences more than those in the wealthier southern shires. The Labour Party’s ambivalence on the issue of the EU, which it views as a rich-mans club (which I believe is true), certainly didn’t help or inspire confidence and has probably gifted the Tories a majority in Westminster for the foreseeable future. The message that you are better off staying in and working to change the EU than walking away certainly didn’t come across in Cameron’s Project Fear or the Labour Party’s feeble response to Brexit.
    With any luck the terms of the negotiations between the United Kingdom and the EU will be put to a referendum before proceeding. Then, and only then, will the English and Welsh people be able to fully grasp the consequences of their decision to leave and decide to change their mind.

  2. Tracy Shock

    I didn’t swallow any rhetoric from either campaign thank you. The choice was made, all be it, by a slim majority. You are dilluded if you think there will be a further referendum to decide whether the negotiations are favourable and if not, we can change our mind! The decision has been made, time to move on and get on with it, getting a bit tedious now.


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