Ex, Tex.

New laws allowing students to carry concealed guns on campuses have been passed in the US state of Texas.It allows people over 21 to carry pistols in classrooms and buildings in public colleges.Supporters of the law say it could prevent mass shootings, while critics say the measure will endanger lives on campus.The law took effect on the 50th anniversary of a deadly shooting at the University of Texas that left 16 people dead.

Source: Students in Texas are now allowed to bring concealed guns on campus | Irish Examiner

Gotta love the smack in the face there to the victims of an iconic shooting. Next, S&W to introduce the Sandy Hook Special “superior knockdown performance at close range”

I cannot ever now imagine myself attending any academic event in Texas. Imagine – your talking, perhaps saying something which might offend

“stock markets do better under Democratic presidents”

That would annoy the republicans. It does. When you present the evidence (eg here , here ) they generally get all huffy.

Now imagine that in a heated election atmosphere. Ask – is Bubba or JimBob or BillyRae packing heat? Do I dare challenge them when they challenge me?

Now imagine you are lecturing on something truly contentious – abortion rights and law, or (this is America, remember) evolution. Chilled yet?


This is a dumb law.


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