Really, we’re not. Politicians who say we are, employers groups who screech we are, there WRONG. And they know they are. There’s a word for people who consistently say things they know to be untrue.


6 thoughts on “ireland, for the 2,428th time, IS NOT a highly taxed economy

  1. D

    Brian, does this take into account the added charges, outsourced services etc that the Irish systems has – so, for example, bin collection is still undertaken in most European countries by the councils, but not in Ireland? I’m not well enough up on all the levys that are applied these days, but are they accounted for aswell, and if not, what would that mean for the percentage quoted above?

  2. Martin Harrington.

    USC, water charges, property tax, crippling the working class. Ierland is only a low tax haven for the multinationals.


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