Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb… Agrabah? While U.S. airstrikes in Syria continue to dominate foreign-policy headlines, the Republican electorate won’t so easily forget about another Middle Eastern menace. According to a new poll from Public Policy Polling, 30 percent of Republican voters nationally support bombing Agrabah. Just 13 percent are opposed, while the rest remain unsure. Agrabah, for the record, is not actually a real country. It’s the name of the magical kingdom where the Disney movie Aladdin takes place. 

Source: 6 Fictional Lands We Should Bomb Once We’re Done With Agrabah – Hit & Run :


oh for the…..


One thought on “The Stupid… IT BURNS.. IT BURRRRRNNNS

  1. pauldowneyart

    The GOP is certainly full of crackpots and that poll confirms it. But, according to Irish Times, 19% of Democrats polled also agree that the “country” should be bombed. Now, that’s really scary……!


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