British universities and Brexit

Very stark warnings from UK academics on the catastrophic effect Brexit would have on UK higher education.
In the spirit of 1916 we should recall, tongue perhaps (or not) in cheek that England’s difficulty may be Ireland’s opportunity.
Let’s say Brexit happens. Let’s allow every UK university academic team that wishes  come to Ireland, and let the Eu guarantee the funds to ensure the community doesn’t lose the excellence in science….
Brexit will bring changes. Let’s think now how to make them good ones.


7 thoughts on “British universities and Brexit

  1. bealoideas

    The idea that Brexit exclude UK scientists from EU funding is nonsense. A country doesn’t have to be in the EU to avail of European research funding. Even Israel is allowed to access European research funding. Its just scaremongering.

    1. brianmlucey Post author

      Israel is an associate country for research. UK wouldn’t be. It would be eligible to apply. With no guarantee of getting it. Why would the eu give money to ungrateful Brit’s when they could give it to us or Dane’s?

      1. bealoideas

        Why would officials choose a smaller money pot by excluding. Its not credible that the UK would be disallowed from joining. Brexit would have no major positive or disadvantage for researchers or in terms economy.

    2. David Watts

      Israel, Norway etc pay to be in H2020 (about 2 billion for Norway). Will the UK choose to pay, how will the negotiations go, what entry fee will be set and will the UK seek to cherry pick H2020 instruments? No one knows, but if the UK does not contribute after a Brexit, UK scientists will be excluded.

  2. Delarivier

    It’s not just funding, it’s about mobility and recruiting talent. If the UK makes it difficult via tight immigration rules for European researchers to take up post-doc and lectureship positions, there will be knock-on effects on the entire British science base. It will also be difficult for UK researchers to move to Europe (unless they suddenly remember their Irish granny).


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