Change one word…(or one phrase) and see..

Irelands less attractive answer to Katie Hopkins, Ian O’Doherty, has been opining on how DARE the NANNY STATE try to stop people smoking in the car with the kids.

Replacing smoking with, lets see, beating the family with a belt, we get….

“But while such prohibitions are irritating, one of the reasons the jobsworths provided for their decision is enough to chill the blood: “Another reason for encouraging staff to give up beating their families with a strap is that they become better role models for their children and the children are less likely to start beating their own families with straps in the first place if their parents are non-strap beaters.” Forget about your own views on beating your children with leather straps, do you really want to work for someone who wants to tell you how to raise your own children?

What’s next, removing kids from the homes of parents who smoke? Or eat greasy food? Or who hold the ‘wrong’ political opinions? “

Ian is not of course a medical doctor. But he is an expert in the long term clinical effects of exposure to early childhood lunng trauma. Or, not.


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