Why won’t Irish Water take my money?


The most annoying aspect of the entire omnishambles that is Irish Water is that it is ongoing, fractal, and recursive. Take my efforts to get them to TAKE MY MONEY.. which they wont. Is there no end to the inefficiency of this organisation?


I registered, both my main dwelling, and my original family home in Kerry. Im a good citizen. I registered, and gave bank details. So, feeling virtuous, off I went. A few days later I got letters from Irish Water, which among other things, stated in effect “we have those details now, grand” . I blogged about the issues surrounding same here.

Since then I have gotten NO letter, bill, or other communication about my main home. It as though it doesn’t exist.  I have gotten two bills from them about the house in Kerry, which barely uses a sup. And now they tell me that I haven’t paid.

It would be more accurate for IW to state “Hi, we haven’t taken the money from your account, because…errr. Oh, and we are chasing you for the smaller bill, while ignoring the larger, which, yes, we haven’t bothered to deal with either”.

It is ongoing, the shambles that keeps on rolling. It is fractal – no matter how close you look the shambles is there, deep and chaotic and infinite. And it is recursive, an ouroboros of inefficiency.


2 thoughts on “Why won’t Irish Water take my money?

  1. Pat Sheehan

    It get worse, I also registered and gave my details. Received a bill in late May. Since my direct debit was set up, I was happy to leave then claim the value of the bill from my bank account. I checked my bank transactions on 7th June to find that no withdrawal had been made. I contacted them, they said problem with our system and the payment would be taken within one week. 2 weeks later, I checked my bank transactions to find that once again, not withdrawal had been made by Irish Water. This time, they told me that it would not be taken till after the next bill had arrived. I paid by credit card over the phone. How can they tell what percentage of their customers had paid, if they wont take the payment? What a shambles!!!!!

  2. Breda Cahill

    Why won’t this Government man up and admit that everything about Irish Water is a mistake…we would have more respect for them if they did. Wrong from the word go…cronyism, jobs for the boys, followed by spending millions of taxpayers money on consultants who must have given them advice on “how not to succeed in business”…imagine paying for that! Lord save us!
    Wonder how much they spent on PR?! We all know how that worked!
    And then the product and service that they are trying to sell…40% of the product not fit for human consumption, 40% of it leaking out of it’s packaging during delivery to client and the waste treatment related facilities not up to European standards.
    There comes a point in a politician’s life when he/she makes an error in
    judgement….after all, to err is human and none of us are perfect.
    However, to compound that error with mistake after mistake is to fail to take responsibility and we must hold those we elect to run our country to the highest standard…and they in return must respect us enough to tell us the truth and eat humble pie.
    Irish Water should be dissolved, the responsibility for our water should be returned to all our respective County Councils, thereby keeping the investment and jobs local. Clear and concise legislation ( not lengthy bureaucracy ) should govern the role of the County councils, set out the standards to which they must operate our water service effectively and to the highest standard with absolutely no waste of taxpayers money. Included also must be clear protocols for emergency provision of water when necessary,and a simple, straightforward redress system for dealing with consumer complaints. An expert on water systems and conservation from outside Ireland with EU credentials should be hired (thereby preventing cronyism ) and he should be responsible for mandated inspections of all the council’s water systems, service and product quality. This inspector should be given clear powers of enforcement with regard to all guidelines and standards.
    All county councils should be required to have an education officer with responsibility for water and environment related issues who liaises with the Dept of Education to undertake educational visits to all primary and secondary schools. Likewise, the general public, community groups, and
    businesses should be apprised of all their responsibilities in relation to water and the environment.
    And how do we fund all that?
    We go back to the Troika and remind them of the promise that they made in 2012 when they said Ireland was a special case and should be re-capitalized! We need 10 billion ( a gift…not a loan! ) to get our Water Service and supply set up properly…and sure any money we have left we will put towards fixing our Health Service…and I mean fixing it! not putting a bandage on it and hoping it will heal! ( Oh well,that’s for another day when I feel like venting and I have the time! )
    And finally, dear politicians, when you have our water supply and service fit for purpose, you can come back to us, the long-suffering inhabitants of this lovely island with so much unexplored potential, and respectfully request us to pay a nominal fee, not to exceed $100.00 per year, to keep our water clean and maintain our water service. I don’t think there is one responsible household in Ireland that would have a problem with paying that fee…and there should be no exceptions or exclusions from paying whatsoever! everyone pays equally! Every one of us in this country has a vested interest in the quality of our water and we all recognize that nature provides it for free!
    We must protect our water and respect it for the absolute necessity for life that it is and what we may feel we get too much of sometimes, every day people die in our world for lack of it.


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