He’s at it again

Denis-OBrien-774596So, Denis v The Parliament of Ireland rolls on. It not being a bank holiday in Malta, where Mr O’Brien is not a tax exile, a new day a new writ. This time its to take the Dail Committee on Procedures and Privileges to court to …well, who knows.  This results of course from the same CPP ruling that there was no breach of procedure or privilege in Catherine Murphy TD reading into the record allegations on REDACTED. Err…hang on.

Now, I am not a lawyer. But I can read the constitution. Art 15(10) states

Each House shall make its own rules and standing orders, with power to attach penalties for their infringement, and shall have power to ensure freedom of debate, to protect its official documents and the private papers of its members, and to protect itself and its members against any person or persons interfering with, molesting or attempting to corrupt its members in the exercise of their duties.

Thats it. Simples. Not the courts, not William Fry Solicitors, not me, not you, not Denis. The Dail, the lower house, makes the rules.

One has to wonder if perhaps somewhere in the Four Courts people are not brushing up on Issac Wunder Orders. One also has to wonder at the neck of someone trying to interfere with parliament. Yes, they can be a bunch of messers, but constitutionally they must be protected. If Denis is that concerned about how Parliament works, rather than writbattering the Dail, run for it, get elected, and then enact change. Or set up a party, or something. There are lots of ways in a democratic spciety to make your case. Running to the courts every second day is not it.

And as for William Fry…. really? is THIS what you went into the legal profession to do? To issue writs and threats on behalf of billionaires who have a grievance with a TD?   Perhaps you might like to look at this and ponder..

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