How many Irish suicides are attributable to the crisis?

How many suicides in Ireland can be attributed to the the effects of the financial crisis? A recent study suggests a lot. 

Writing in the International Journal of Epidemiology, and applying some sophisticated statistical analysis, the UCC based team reckon 476 male and 85 female, over the 2008-12 period, can be attributed to the crisis. It could be as high as 678 and 180.

So, a small town, wiped out.

Pape here  Int. J. Epidemiol.-2015-Corcoran-ije-dyv058


2 thoughts on “How many Irish suicides are attributable to the crisis?

  1. mike flannelly

    Hi Brian,
    Prof Ivor Browne has complained about the behaviour of Irish Bankers that are mentally harassing families with financial anxiety. They are Stonewalling the provision of Split mortgages for ALL overvalued mortgage debt.
    The Irish Bankers , plus their Political Peers and their Media Peers have told us all that “Bank Customer Abuse” is for the Tax Payer who is a Forced Shareholder of Pillar Banks.
    The Restructure of ALL Overvalued debt should be based on Best Practise Metrics and Not Failed Bankers Guidelines as is at present.

    ALL Mortgage Debt that sold for MULTIPLES of standard bank metrics MUST be Redressed.

    COMMERCIAL DECISIONS are NOT 200% and 300% of Standard International Banking Practise. The Media are a Disgrace for Not Challenging This.

    Peter Nyberg described our “Clown Bankers ” actions as UNBELIEVABLE that they IGNORED Basic Banking Principles.

    I Find it UNBELIEVABLE that Bankers Media and Political Peers are STILL PRETENDING to wonder where it All went wrong.

    Shame on them
    Restructure Debt Based on METRICS.
    Not Clown Guidelines.

    The Financial Regulator Decisions are Disgracefully making Jugements Based on Following A Failed Banking Systems Guidelines.

    A Clueless Media Allows this Abuse.

    Dan O Brien described the media that continiously Ignore Core Banking Questions as ” Generalists”. Not their fault.

    Meanwhile the Bank Customer is denied Basic International Lending Metrics to Restructure Debt.

  2. mike flannelly

    The Financial Ombudsman makes his decisions based on the Scam that,
    Irelands Failed Bankers were Following their Own Guidelines.
    If a Mortgage is packaged and sold as an Investment mortgage and it Never Had Any Investment Value from Day One, based on Standard International Metrics

    Then Following Their Own Guidelines is a SCAM. of a Judgement.


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