Greece in Graphs – A Picture of Calamity


2 thoughts on “Greece in Graphs – A Picture of Calamity

  1. Breda Cahill

    Please continue your good work educating the public on what Governments and Banks do not want us to know!!!
    I am so angry at the Irish Government for not showing compassion and understanding for Greece’s position…austerity such as was imposed on Ireland and Greece does not work and is a solution without a conscience, either moral or social. It has caused poverty, homelessness, hunger…it is undermining the very stability of our nation and rendered a whole nation
    defenseless in the face of economic bullying and Government cowardice
    and incompetence.
    As a nation we should be ashamed of ourselves for not standing up united to prevent another country being bullied into the austerity that is destroying our own country…where are the unions now and all the people that came out to vote for the Marriage equality issue?? This is an equality issue!.
    Had we stood side by side with Greece, we in Ireland could have negotiated
    a debt reduction for Ireland, asked for a much longer period for repayments
    and we could have used that money to re-build our country and achieve the great potential that this little country of ours truly has with capable and courageous leaders…we in Ireland are looking for a Hero….is there anybody out there???

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