A Song from Yanis – Our Debts will Be Gone

In the great tradition of previous efforts, a new musical number ; Lyrics by myself and hopefully a video soon starring Frances Coppolla. To be sung a la Celine Dion

A song from Yanis

Every night in my dreams
Deficit, structural
and I know the debt it grows on

Built up by the PASOK
and also, by ND
The IMF now say it was wrong

Cuts, slash, whatever we try
It just seems that the well has run dry
Once more the Drachmas in store
Or the troikas cold heart
mean the beatings go on and on

Default can sort it one time
not last for a life time
but reforms are slow and not strong

Europe once we loved you
We lied, too, to get through
now the crisis always goes on

De-fault, with banking controls
or the run I believe will go on
Now, more than ever we hope
that in frankfurt collateral
will be still taken on

Bailout, a third time no doubt
but the cuts they require
well, the party’d expire!
so well just stuff the lenders
or else this goes on and on

Its real, default has no fear
for we know that this way can’t go on
We say, to Europe no way
for contagion don’t matter
our hearts they are shattered too long

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