Should County Councils sponsor political (party) festivals?

Err, no. But Kildare County Council seem to be in to this with Sinn Fein. Why?

Through the door last night came this flyer.

Now, this appears to be “the festival previously known as Sinn Fein Bodenstown Sunday”.  Why not , one wonders, a festival with say the FF or CSF or I-Cant-Believe-its-not-SF variant of Bodenstown?

I would be as annoyed if Kildare CoCo were using my money for ANY political party event. The makeup of Kildare CoCo is, as far as I can see it, 5 out of 39 SF councillors. Grand, they have a decent representation and as far as I am aware are as hard working or otherwise as any other bunch of councillors. But why then is this group, or indeed any group, having its longstanding main “festive day” sponsored?

Im carefully avoiding here my feelings towards the event and some of its participants. This is simply not something that should happen. By all means let SF have a shindig. But public money should go to local festivals not party ones. No party, of any shade. I dont see, and hope never to see, Cork CoCo sponsoring the Béal na mBláth commemoration.


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