Breda O’Brien doesnt get it..

Breda O’Brien doesnt get it.. Taking about some of the vile abuse she gets she notes


“It was really incredibly toxic at that time. I don’t want anyone to be in a closet but I felt that I was almost being forced into it. And I don’t think that’s fair to anybody.”

That you were being forced into a closet?

“Yeah. That there are certain things you believe in that you can’t say.”

Thats right Breda. You or I or the man next door or the lass selling the paper might believe that blacks are inferior to whites, that the nazis didnt do half enough of a job on the jews, that we should be allowed rape our spouses, or even that we can enslave migrants (a la Leviticus 25:45). But, you know what? We may think that, believe in it utterly, but in public we need to drink a tall glass of STFU. Because as a society we work only when we have a modicum of interpersonal tolerance.

via ‘Gays should abstain from sex – like all unmarried couples’ –


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