Irish Water – Contradictory letters add to the murky farce

A few months ago I registered with Irish Water, on the phone. I didn’t see the need for the PPS numbers so used the phone method. At no stage did I give my PPS details. Imagine my surprise when I got not one but two letters today from IW, signed by Paul O’Donaghue, head of customer relations. What a job that must be…

One stated that “we are deleting recordings of …. calls where PPS numbers may have been given to us” and in any case “some information may have been recorded incorrectly”. So, please give us your bank details again. They note that under banking rules they are “obliged to retain the call recording”, that is the call wherein I gave my bank details.

The other was a SEPA Direct Debit Confirmation (with my correct details) as a record and stating that “if your details are correct you are not required to respond”.

These letters were, to be accurate, in respect of two houses – my main PPR and my original family home in Kerry which I still own. Both were registered on the same phone call with the same operator on the same day etc. Both will be paid from the same account.

Some questions

a) Are all recordings being deleted, or just those with PPS details? What is the breakdown between them, those with and without?

b) How many bank details do they estimate have been recorded incorrectly arising from “a quality check”? We have previously known that 9000 persons who gave voice details of bank statements with PPS information (registrants who registered before the volte face on PPS details) were to be asked to reregister. We were told that 2000 persons who had filled in details online were to be asked to reregister due to errors. What we have not, I think, been told before is that people who registered on the phone without PPS details were also to reregister

c) If they delete the call recording without PPS numbers but with the bank details are they not in self admitted breach of bank rules?

So in addition to not knowing who their customers are, not knowing where they live, we can add not knowing why they are deleting customer records, being in breach of either data protection or banking rules regardless of what they do, and not knowing what they are doing in terms of contact with customers Truly, IW is the gift that keeps on giving. It is the world’s first stand up comedy utility.


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