Irish Universities and enlightenment ideals

The Fellows of TCD have organised a symposium on the topic of how aligned or otherwise universities are to enlightenment ideals. Also of relevance is how recent and proposed changes in governance and the regulatory environment may hamper or aid this alignment. The symposium is free but registration is required. It takes place this coming Thursday, 1930-2200h. More details below..

“Are Irish universities committed to enlightenment ideals? Recent and forthcoming developments in Irish higher education policy and legislation”

The government is soon to publish legislation reforming Ireland’s higher education system. In particular, it will cover the governance structures, funding, performance and accountability of universities. Given the importance of universities to our education system, culture and economy, it is vital that these reforms support rather than hamper their missions. This event is organised by the Fellows of Trinity College, who hope that it will play a part in the discussions the new legislation will no doubt provoke.

Chair: Dr Mary Daly (President of the Royal Irish Academy; Prof of History, UCD)

Speakers include:

  • Tom Boland (CEO of the Higher Education Authority)
  • Prof Steve Hedley (Faculty of Law, UCC)
  • Senator Seán Barrett (TCD)
  • Prof Maria Slowey (DCU)
  • Associate Professor Mary Gallagher (UCD)
  • Dr Andrew Loxley (Associate Professor, School of Education, TCD)
  • Dr Brendan Walsh (DCU)
  • Amy Worrall, Secretary to the Scholars, (TCD)
  • Professor Eoin O’ Dell, Chair of the Fellows Committee Trinity College.

Venue: Public Theatre, Exam Hall
This is a free event, booking essential. Book here


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