A little night music for the Eurogroup





A Little Night Music is a great musical. In Act II Desiree looks back ruefully on her folly, and in particular her throwing up a chance at happiness with Frederick. She tries to get him back, he being in an unhappy marriage, but he declines. Eventually of course, they get together after the ungrateful wench to whom Fred is married runs off with his son.

Its not hard to take parallels with the Greek situation. Rueful musing on the folly of throwing over the Drachma, desperate attempts to make a bad situation work, a crisis, and …. well, lets see

In the meantime, some lyrics, which Yanis may have been humming last night.  Tune in later for a performance from Frances Coppola, to match My Favourite Greek Things

The Germans give nicht

Grexit looms quick

Drachmas at last on the ground

The euro will tear

Please send back the clowns


The union’s adrift

An Ordoliberal split

Podemos is gain-ing ground

But the center wont move

Why are there clowns?

Please, send back the clowns


Let them stuff Tbills

in banks

Extend a loan, defer, then theyre yours

Another long meeting again and wit is quite spare

Few there are kind

Sense is not there


Don’t you love farce?

Who’s fault? Its clear

We all colluded and winked

Now Greeks they pay dear

The Eurogroup clowns

Oh, those scary clowns

Oh, bother, there here


The center is rich

Peripherys blitzed

It isn’t a union you know,

Common currency its clear

And designed by clowns

Its run now by clowns

Well shielded its clear


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