Decoding Lucinda’s “not a party” announcement

eddieSo Lucinda Creighton has launched a party, or an announcement of a party … Its called, for some reason, rebootireland. Theocratic Deocrats is my favourite name so far but Papal Before Profit would also work… Keeping in line with the computer, hip with the kids y’all, brand new yoof feeling, their Recruitment Sgt, Corporal Hobbs,  shown here carefully guarding Lucinda’s left wing against crack ICTU commandos or maybe looking for the exit, has reworked the HTTP error codes. We show a sneak preview below.

HTTP (Highly Theocratic These People) Error Short Form Explanation
100 Continue You have tried the Theocratic Deocrats. Please do not stop…really…please
101 Switching Protocols You have attempted to ask a hard question
102 Processing You have attempted to contact a party. We are a hashtag
200 OK You have become confused?
201 Created You have deleted evolution mode and scientific method protocol. Please pray
202 Accepted You have deleted LGBTQ CSS and this is how you are now
203 Non-Authoritative Information You have listened to Eddie Hobbs on how the Cape Verde Islands are a sure thing property wise. Please remove Cretin module
204 No Content You have clicked on our policy document. Please try later. But not too hard
205 Reset Content You have found our secret aim. Please suspend belief.jsp
206 Partial Content You have been rerouted from our “inclusive society” server.
207 Multi-Status Unknown Error the wishing for which will require rebooting and rebooting and rebootingwhy omit
208 Already Reported We told you and told you but would you listen? NO! now look where you are…
226 IM Used The server has fulfilled the conservative mode and has deleted empathy css
300 Multiple Choices This choice does not exist
301 Moved Permanently You have clicked on “My Future in FG” link
302 Found We were lost and now we are this.
303 See Other See 300
304 Not Modified Status on choice
305 Use Proxy Theocratic Deocrats unavailable please use Iona Institute
307 Temporary Redirect Eddie Hobbs until water laps around ankles
308 Permanent Redirect Enda Kenny to Lucinda
400 Bad Request Try prayer…
401 Unauthorized Bad Password – Saint Name Required…
402 Payment Required Good Ideas cost money. Thats why we run on volunteers…
403 Forbidden Everything.
404 Not Found The page “our coherent plan” Does not exist
405 Method Not Allowed You have attempted a non-catholic birth control approach. Please install Vatican2 mode
406 Not Acceptable You have attempted to explain why public servants are not the spawn of satan. Please do not bother to retry
407 Proxy Authentication Required Please contact parish priest etc
408 Request Timeout Processing  #repealthe8th queries
409 Conflict You have been redirected from Triple Lock to here.
410 Gone The requested URL /empathy was not found on this server.
411 Length Required A request of the POST method “views on repealing the eight amendment” requires a valid content length which we will not tell you about so…
412 Precondition Failed Assumption “Ireland really need another conservative microparty” was not found
413 Payload Too Large Object “public sector pay” greater than zero
414 URI Too Long You have confused POST (crisis ideas) with GET (another micro party of bead rattling conservatives)
415 Unsupported Media Type Social Media Not Supported. Reapply with Pen, Paper, nice joined handwriting like Mr Maelseasnach O’Luderman thought you in 1953, oh yes.
416 Range Not Satisfiable We do not support SSM. Try another protocol
417 Expectation Failed We are sorry but we are politicians…
422 Unprocessable Entity Query ” liberal” not served
423 Locked What our PR people were when they advised us to do it this way.
424 Failed Dependency The property investment could not be made because of another property investment in Cape Verde that failed.
426 Upgrade Required Tridentine Detected
428 Precondition Required Answer to “do you love Dev and his policies?” required before processing
429 Too Many Requests Delete “economic logic” from request and resubmit
431 Request Header Fields Too Large You have asked for too much. Delete one of competence, compassion or coherence from request and resubmit
500 Internal Server Error Hobbes detected
501 Not Implemented plan for genuine reform found, deleted.
502 Bad Gateway Theocratic Demcrats have tried to form an alliance with Rossites but have received a nay
503 Service Unavailable We are at Mass. Try later
504 Gateway Timeout “party formation” delayed. Window and Gateway to success narrowed. Try harder
505 HTTP Version Not Supported Resubmit using Entrepeneur2.0
506 Variant Also Negotiates variant, not deviant. Gerraway from us ya…
507 Insufficient Storage Dreams too large. Delete “Taoiseach” , “Minister” and “elsa from frozen”
508 Loop(er) Detected  ….
510 Not Extended Hand of Friendship to LGBTQ community inoperative
511 Network Authentication Required Please insert confirmation cert and retry

Many thanks to @Bocktherobber for some invaluable aid here…


2 thoughts on “Decoding Lucinda’s “not a party” announcement

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  2. Joe Coughlan

    Mr Hobbs has been a thorn in many sides for a long time. His advice to investors has left many out of pocket, Taylor, Brendan Investments and Maldives. As a humble Public Servant, Administrative Officer, I get the impression that Mr. Hobbs thinks I do nothing all day and am overpaid to do it. This is despite the fact that I manage a claims portfolio valued at €9 million with expenditure of €2 million per annum. All accomplished with the assistance of one Staff Officer with inputs from my engineering colleagues, who also do other things, like building roads and stuff. Head count is down 40% in the last six years. The youngest staff member is 28. Mr. Hobbs and Luncinda can take a long walk off a short pier.


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