Much chatter on a possible €280m of unsecured un-guaranteed junior bondholders being paid in the final liquidation of Anglo Irish Bank. A travesty, if so, immoral and so forth. But put it in context…


2 thoughts on “What will we actually pay for Anglo Irish Bank?

  1. Diarmuid OFlynn

    Would love to see this graphic with the interest added, plus the 2012 bond, plus the 2011 P Note €3.1bn destruction – the full cost of Anglo/INBS.



  2. Diarmuid O'Flynn

    Brian, would love to see this extended to include the interest payments on the €25bn, the €3bn 2012 bond + interest, the €3bn borrowing/destruction for the 2011 P Note – the projected entire cost to us of the bailout of the creditors of Anglo and INBS. And then have that little possible payout to the junior bondholders at the bottom (as above) propping it up…
    Regards, Diarmuid.


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