A sunny perspective on water charges

poolWe are having a glorious summer, all in all. This is probably down to global warming or El Nino or something but anyhow lets enjoy it. Like many parents of a toddler we have a small backyard pool. As Prof Jr romped in it yesterday, I wondered “holy moly, how much will this COST me next year”.The pool is 1.5m by 0.4m. Lets say I fill it to about half way up (its for splashing about and messing about not for wannabee Michael Phelps). That gives us about 350l of water. Based on reports water will cost about .22c per litre. That works the pool out at about 77c. Not a vast sum for a few hours of fun – play safe though, always wear sunscreen, make them wear sunscreen, never leave a miniperson unattended near water.


4 thoughts on “A sunny perspective on water charges

  1. John Latham

    The National Aquatic Centre was reported to have leaked 15 million litres of water in 2005, which would have cost 33k in water charges alone. I assume they won’t be subject to the same rates. (googles)…actually, commercial charges for 2013 are €2.21 per cubic meter, which is the same .22c per litre as you suggest for domestic rates. Surely no coincidence?


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