Diarmuid O’Flynn for MEP : An endorsement

The European elections are almost upon us. I am not in his constituency, but if I were I would be voting for Diarmuid O’Flynn. For years now he and the indefatigable folk of Ballyhea Says No have fought the good fight. That they have not gained traction is more a reflection on the national and international political climate. That we should never had had to shoulder the burden of the failed banks alone is now well accepted. That we should in all moral terms get some recompense is generally accepted albeit perhaps grudgingly. That all the fine words and rhetoric of politicians is not worth the paper on which they are not written is also true. You dont have to, and I dont, agree with everything Diarmuid proposes to admire his stance. Having voted for what we thought was a revolution in 2011 we have been let down by the established political parties. Its time for a change.

Diarmuid and his crew are idealists. We need more people like him in politics. They are not pragmatists – but then, we have a surfeit of them. They are independent, from all parties and none. They and he have shown their willingness to press their ideas and ideals forward, speaking truth to power. They have not been listened to but they have not been daunted. These elections across Europe are ones of protest. We should take the opportunity to send a protest note. It might be ignored, but it will be heard.


5 thoughts on “Diarmuid O’Flynn for MEP : An endorsement

  1. Diarmuid O'Flynn

    Thank you for that Brian. We welcome debate, disagreement, discussion – I’ve said to Seamus Coffey many times, when everyone agrees, no-one’s thinking.

    Not sure we’re just idealists; we’re also pragmatists, certainly I am, have been all my days. I don’t see it as being very pragmatic to accept a massive debt on the basis of bullying/blackmail/intimidation/coercion, especially where there are so many grounds for objection, so many avenues open to overturn those decisions. We are still on the road in Ballyhea and Charleville every week but we are also on the road to Brussels and to Frankfurt and have been for over a year, exploring those avenues.

    Yes we’ve spoken to some very senior officials in the various EU institutions, from the Commission, the ECON committee, Van Rompuy’s office, the ECB itself and we HAVE actually been listened to, very respectfully, very attentively but most important of all, very responsively, and not in any patronising fashion. In fact the only patronising we’ve suffered is here at home, by Patrick Honahan when we met him at the Central Bank, by Enda Kenny’s barking pups when the Technical Group brought forward our Motion last November that this government should at least ASK the ECB for permission to destroy the P Note bonds now about to be sold off per schedule by the Central Bank.

    So thank you again Brian; even among ourselves in the campaign we often agree to disagree but we have the wisdom and the tolerance to still make progress, to still stick together.

    This campaign will only kick off on Monday; your endorsement gives us a nice bit of momentum as start to build towards May 23rd.

  2. ken doyle

    All the best for May 23rd, hope that you succeed, and well done to you and all the people who march every week in Ballyhea and Charleville


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