The Independent Learning Scam

This is an excellent post from Greg. The key for me is this sentence
“Personally I am happy to be evaluated on my teaching but only by people who have shown the required level of commitment.”


One aspect of the move to the modularised-semesterised system which younger academics may not be aware of is that it was accompanied by a very significant reduction in content and contact time – at least in DCU where we had a history of very intensive courses. Much of the content disappeared into the black hole of ‘independent learning’. This was purely a device used during the repackaging process and was not based on any real analysis. (The whole process was driven by the need to make the number of hours per module add up to 125.) But the idea that one can quantify the expected workload is really a bit of a nonsense because it is so dependent on the aptitude of the student and his or her ability to study well.

Anyway,  let’s assume that formal independent learning time is a meaningful concept and let’s look at some numbers…

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