Link and Me Part 2 – This time its NOT spam…

So having been banned for spamming ( see here) Boards have now decided, whoops, no it WASN’T spam. They even undeleted the not-spam posts.

No contact from them however, to explain/outline/apologise. Which is odd, as y’know, it  was clearly not only not-spam but a mistaken deletion. A moderator agrees. But perhaps any further action needs to be approved by the StoneCutters.

Not good enough lads. Not nearly. But your getting there.


3 thoughts on “ and Me Part 2 – This time its NOT spam…

  1. Al

    With regard to your “A moderator agrees” statement, I’d like to clarify that while I agree your post was not spam, I don’t agree with your assessment that it was “clearly not spam.”
    The post is short and light on content – all of the content is in the link. It features a url-shortener shortened link. It was posted across multiple fora in a short period of time. The post title is ambiguous. All of these are features of the posts which spammers/bots post in the Economics forum from time to time. The probability that a post is spam, given it has these characteristics, is very high, and so I think it’s pretty understandable that your post was initially categorised as such by an admin. It took the fact that I recognised your username from the tcd forum to get it undeleted (which I did of my own accord), and this is information I think an admin can’t reasonably be expected to have.
    It might seem a bit harsh that suspected spam bots are automatically site-banned, but in the vast majority of cases spam posts are indeed made by spam bots, and banning the account in question is the most effective way to deal with such bots in general.
    I’d also like to note that there’s an effective on-site procedure in place to deal with bans such as yours, which I think you should have followed. I’d also like to note that this post can be taken to be representative of my opinion and my opinion only, and nobody else’s.
    andrew (one of the Economics forum mods).

    1. brianmlucey Post author

      You go to huge pains to say ooh is just my opinion. Good god man your a moderator of a subboard on a forum not a UN diplomat
      Email works. If you recognised my name an email would have been sensible. I’ll not be going to the supreme court of the ninth
      of Nerd. You made a mistake. Feel free to rectify.


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