, and debate. Not natural bedfellows it seems

So, thousands of views for the post on what Irish economists think and teach. Which is nice

As part of getting the debate going, I posted some links to this in relevant  fora (postgraduates, Economics) on They banned me. For spam

Riiight. Coz, I need to spam




12 thoughts on “, and debate. Not natural bedfellows it seems

  1. Delarivier

    I don’t think is the natural habitat of grownups and academics.
    You might get a better class of comment elsewhere…!

  2. JohnB

    Hi Brian; I’m a longtime poster on boards and I can see how they could have accidentally viewed it as spam, as they have strict enough rules on not double-posting across forums, and someone linking their blog posts I think is against rules (not sure on that), as well as also requiring that threads have more in the OP than a link.

    Your post (unfortunately), with a short amount of text and a shortened-link, looked almost exactly like the multitude of spam messages they get every day; it’s a pity as it is a very good blogpost, and a worthwhile discussion.

    It’s unfortunately heavy-handed for them to just straight-out ban though, without looking at it in more detail – it can be resolved, but it depends heavily on the tone of Prison threads; I think they are lenient enough when a poster apologises and says they weren’t aware of breaching a rule, but careful though – if you disagree with a rule and argue the point, Prison isn’t the place for that and it might make the ban impassable.

    1. brianmlucey Post author

      Well, if they cant distinguish between spam and three different but related posts from a long time poster, and if they are so up their own fundamental as not to bother with an email going “hey, we put these in limbo, can you reassure us your a human?” then it says something.
      I do not take well to park keeper peaked cap syndrome little bureaucrats. I have zero to apologise for so I wont be doing so. Call me stubborn but thats me. A simple email would work to check this. Instead… BOOM. Plus what is this with the Gulag Rules – you know them when you break them? Again, lads, get a frikkin life.
      My impression is of a bunch of ComicBookGuys sitting surrounded by soda and chips in a room, hur huring like Beavis and Butthead.

      1. JohnB

        Ya I certainly see where you’re coming from here, it’s definitely overkill to just ban straight-out like that.

        I think asking them to email you might have been misinterpreted (it wasn’t clear, at least on my reading, that it was to verify you were human); the willingness of admins on Prison, to hear people out, also drops a lot depending on the tone of the post – which unfortunately ends up compounding mistaken bans, when banned users are understandably annoyed when posting.

    2. Niall Clarke

      I think it’s the posting the same content across different fora that did it for you mainly. They tend to take quite a dim view of that.

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  4. Luicefer the Second

    Had a boards account for 10 years/7000-odd posts. Introduced a family member to boards (thought this was a good thing ???) and set up an account for her. The next day (while 20 miles away at work) start getting email notifications on my phone. Logged in at break to check whats up and see all these messages about being banned for a month for “ignoring moderator instructions” (Huh ? I wasnt even online) turns out that because we share a computer at home they assume Im the same person (if their wonderful system is so infallible how come I was able to set up another account in the first place) and that Ive set up a sockpuppet account in order to “troll”. (Hardly the kind of thing one would expect a contributor of ten years standing to suddenly start doing out of the blue surely)

    Not only did my protests fall on deaf ears but all the mods (including mods of forums Id never used who for reasons best known to themselves decided to stick their oar in) admins and staff members (yes this went pretty much to the top) were extremely arrogant, smug abusive and condescending towards both of us maintaining in the face of all the evidence that we were one and the same person and publicly branding us liars.

    In light of all this the only honourable course of action open to me was to close my boards account (plenty other places on the internet for me to waste my time on) but I have noticed of late that a lot of excellent longstanding contributes have done exactly the same while others are inexplicably (given their post history) showing as “banned”.

    Mistreating ones long term user base is not exactly the most sustainable business model especially when one is almost totally dependent on them to generate ones content. At the end of the day boards is a privately owned website, which is totally reliant on its users. Unless those in charge quickly come to understand this and realise what side their bread is buttered on its future looks shaky to say the least. It comes as little surprise that the company which owns boards is in tune to the tune of six figures. Pretty inevitable when one engages a team of moderators who appear to comprise mainly of former schoolyard bullies who decided to become website moderators in a desperate attempt to indulge their megalomania and revive their bruised egos following their unsuccessful attempts to pursue careers as television licence inspectors!

      1. Luicefer the Second

        The only boards forum I really miss is “Ranting and Raving” but you probably guessed that !

        Some rather questionable adverts on boards of late mind but I guess they have to raise that 450 grand somehow.

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