Parliamentary Committee on Communications member confuses browsers with websites


What can one say…

Patrick O’Donovan is a member of the Dail Committee on Communications. The government of which he is a member is mad keen on the aul knowledge economy, cloud commuters and all that.

Today, he has called for opensource  internet browsers to be banned. Yep. Hard to see how we will access the net and email each other but hey… Its a small price to pay for safety. The leading opensource browser, with 15-20% of web traffic, is Firefox. Ban this filth now.

He seems, but a statement (which wont come of course) would be nice to clear it up. to have confused darknet sites such as Silk Road with browsers. or maybe he is thinking about Bitcoin? or TOR?

This is worrying. This man, who is also a trained industrial chemist, either doesnt know or care that sites are not browsers. Its also worrying that instead of calling for more cracking down on illegal activity he invokes censorship memes. Do FG want a Shure tis Grand Firewall ? Are we to follow Iran, Burma and China?

Mistaking browsers for sites is the equivalent of mistaking a pencil for a novel.

6 thoughts on “Parliamentary Committee on Communications member confuses browsers with websites

  1. Póló

    Are you sure he didn’t mean the people looking at these wicked sites?

    Language is evolving very fast within this Government.

  2. dubmantalks

    Brian, you got it all wrong. He was referring to Internet Lousers. You know, the ones with the googlie eyes who know far too much these days and try to keep the likes of Patrick on his toes.


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