Are Irish Economists Shy?

Far and away the largest repository of social science working papers is SSRN. Its excellent, even if it at times seems frustratingly hard to navigate. Its big

What is curiously missing are irish economists or economic departments.  Harvard have over 500k papers downloaded from SSRN, Tilburg 438k, MIT 400k etc.  The economics papers dominate SSRN, with 300k papers in all areas of economics. The next largest is Finance with 144k papers.

Where are the Irish economists? Its not that they are not doing good work. Its that they are not using this portal to showcase it. And thats a pity as the whole point of SSRN is that its a social science related portal. Economic research institutes etc in Ireland seem to prefer While its also a great site, theres nothing to stop cross posting. Maybe economists herd with other economists while avoiding anthropologists, poly scientists and so forth. Thats a pity.

Open up to the world. Post to SSRN as well as IDEAS.


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