Leaving Certificate Economics 2012: problems

Kevin Denny points out here a major set of problems. There are technical problems with wrong or irrelevant answers ; there is an underlying problem with an outdated syllabus. One hopes that this dissection will receive the same treatment as that which was afforded the math exam when problems in it were brought to light. Somehow I doubt it.
Following the problems here and in Math, one wonders also : what other subjects have 44y old syllabi? More immediately, what other exams might, if gone through in detail, show up issues in interpretation or errors? Chemistry? History? Physics? The response from the State Exams Commission has been underwhelming to say the least. It seems to amount to “no problem here because we say there is none”. This isnt good enough. At the very least Kevin deserves to have his questions answered in full. The 3800 students who sat economics at higher level also deserve this.


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