Bogus and Anti Intellectual pursuits

Theres a pseudonymous commentator, Ernie Ball , who regularly puts himself  out on social media as a defender of irish academia. He claims to work in UCD.  In a recent comment here, which I binned for a whole pile of reasons, he decried management as a bunch of horlix. I emailed suggesting that this was anti intellectual and pretty offensive. his email back to me included the wonderful insight

There are lots of so-called “branches” of academia that are utterly bogus and un- or even anti-intellectual and that have no “business” in the University: e.g., Business, Women’s Studies, Animal Husbandry, Nursing, Equality Studies, Education, Food “Science,” etc. Seriously, the intellectual content of these disciplines is basically nil and the greatest “thinkers” to come out of any of them (none of whom, needless to say, is a household name) are intellectual pygmies when compared to the great minds in real academic disciplines.

With friends like these in Irish Academia, do we need enemies? Its worrying if Ernie really does work in any educational establishment. Really, it is.

6 thoughts on “Bogus and Anti Intellectual pursuits

  1. Brian Mulligan

    Looking at his list I would assume my own course (Engineering, UCD) would be included. My gut feeling would be to disagree. But, to be honest, I suspect he may be right. Maybe universities should only be for those blue-skies independent thinkers. But do we need so many of such thinkers? Let’s face it, most higher education is just training (and that includes Economics 101).

  2. Delarivier

    Animal husbandry? He’s clearly never heard of veterinary medicine, animal genomics, transcriptomics, breeding etc.. all those things that support agribusiness, worth billions to our economy every year..


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