Buzzword Bingo meets Boxticking in the new Funding Compact for Irish Universities

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So remember the KPI’s that I discussed in the post on the need for business and academia to come together in a more sensible and meaningful manner? The HEA documents on the actual implementation of this are quite interesting.  For instance :

  • Every institution must form part of a regional cluster
  • IBEC will have a role in assessing universities (Key system objective 1.4)
  • Citation rankings will be mandatory (key system objective 4.3)
  • Transnational activity (branch campuses…) will be requred? encouraged? (Key system objective 5.5)
  • Groups of institutions within regional clusters will be required to demonstrate how they coordinate regional planning and engagement with enterprise within the region
  • There is going to be a compact between the institution and the powers that be. Here is the draft of same  Draft Compact  and here is how to complete it and what it means 2. Guidelines for completion
  • There is a new overview of how the system works.System  Framework 

Some initial thoughts.

there are 8 KPI’s. Each has a large number of subelements. There is no clarity as to the weighting or cross weighting of these.  There is more than a whiff of state dirigisme in many of these.

Second some of the issues proposed are quite outside the control of the institutions. For example one that jumps out is : ” Research-active institutions should demonstrate how they are attractive to overseas faculty”…. err quiet. Yes. Attractive to overseas faculty..


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