Superquinn demise due to move away from quality and recognised indigeonous Irish products

thought provoking discussion on brand loyalty and the dismal state of irish retail


superquinn1-390x285The news today that Superquinn is to be subsumed into SuperValu is probably to be expected since Superquinn was absorbed into the Musgrave organisation, which owns both brands.  Superquinn, which was started by Fergal Quinn in 1960, and is one of the most loved Irish supermarkets, that attracts a loyal customer following due to the brands service quality and speciality own products and availability of favoured Irish brand products.  The immediate reaction on social media and twitter to the demise of the brand and the merger with SuperValu shows the level of loyality out there to the legendary Superquinn sausage and the other quintesentially unique products exclusive to the supermarket chain. 

The upshot of the decision today is that 102 members of staff at the Superquinn head office in Lucan will be made redundant and that comes on top of the 180 job losses and closure of four stores at…

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