Managing “People Risk” – A seminar series


So, along with some UK colleagues the Finance group in TCD have gotten a grant from the ESRC for a seminar series on managing people risk.  All to often we get concerned about structuring systems that cant fail to find that they do because someone somewhere messed up. The software and hardware do not matter if the wetware is deficient.  The plan is as below… more details will emerge later.

1. Existing knowledge, contested approaches and future developments Nov 2013, Nottingham (University of Nottingham) Aims to map the terrain of existing research across different disciplines, identify consensus and conceptual tensions whilst building on an academic agenda for cross disciplinary research.

2. The place of ‘Key employees’ in health and aviation: theory and practice Feb 2014, Glasgow (Glasgow Caledonian University) Aims to examine the challenges for research and practice in ‘people risk’ within the domains of aviation and the health sector.

3. Financial services, financial markets and ‘people risk’ regulation Jul 2014, Dublin (Trinity College, Republic of Ireland) Aims to critically analyse the internal and external controls frameworks in the financial services environment.

4. The role of ‘people risk’ measurement: applied behavioural economics & HRM Sept 2014, Berlin (WZB University, Germany) Aims to examine the potential for engagement from human resource management research and applied behavioural economics as controls and measures of ‘people risk’ within the firm.

5.Human factors & best practice: Cross-fertlisation in research & industry Feb 2015, Nottingham (University of Nottingham) Aims to examine the theoretical underpinnings of human factors analysis and its reserach applications to the marine and rail industries.

6.Strategies for advocacy, knowledge transfer and tangible research networking Aug 2015, Nis (University of Nis, Serbia) Aims to explore the barriers to awareness of, and mobilisation of, cross-disciplinary ‘people risk’ research


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