Ireland is not …Detroit

Screen shot 2013-07-26 at 14.19.23Both are broke and under emergency care. One is a post industrial landscape where people eke out a miserable existence, the other is a city in Michigan.

Seriously, in one or two ways its perhaps worse…See the figures for 2012 below (detroit figures taken from the Emergency Managers Report)

Detroit Ireland
Population 684799 4585400
Labour Force 343852 2126184
Unemployment 63896 294600
LF as % Pop 50% 46%
Dependency  1.99  2.16
UE 19% 14%
Income 1196 36646
Expenditure 1318 44950
Deficit -122 -8304
DEf as % income -10.2% -22.7%

ok so we dont have the same level of crime and the same degree of urban blight. But they have arguably better weather and at least as good a music tradition.



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