How to deal with the Orange Order

Tis the marching and rioting season in NornIron again, and the orange order, prejudice mired in bigotry, are showing their adherence to the rule of law by rioting against a legal decision. Here they are showing their loyalty to the Crown of England by rioting against the police.

Three officers hurt in protests





This time the decision is that they cant march up and down the Ardoyne, a mainly catholic/nationalist/not orange order loving area, playing with their flutes. But it doesnt take much to set the brain cell of the Order aflame and this is the latest in a long line of protests (with violence lurking not far in the distance) against the decisions of the Northern Ireland Parades Commission. This is the body to whom ANYONE wishing to parade must make application, whether it be to celebrate the Pope giving his blessing to your battle (orange order…) or to argue for three way cream cheese lama bondage to be made legal.

_1422212_orange300But all this is unnecessary. Let them walk up the Ardoyne. The Orange Order are, frankly, laughable. Its a sectarian relic of the european wars of religion of the 17th century. Look at its music, replete with images of papist blood and fenian betrayal. Look at its quaint habits of halting outside catholic schools and where sectarian murders have happened and playing same grisly dirges. Just look at them, all dressed up with nowhere to go. Look at their long history over the last few decades of boneheaded stupidity. Its as lunatic as any other religious sodality.


The best thing the residents of the Ardoyne and other areas could do would be to line the streets, with megaphones in hand, and LAUGH at them as they march past, faces like lemons, sweating in their rayon sashes. Laugh, because they are laughable. Laugh, because ridicule is a powerful force. They wont like it, but then they dont like much. They’ll riot, but then they riot anyhow. So, if they persist in being laughable, laugh.


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