A Quadruple Dip Recession

So : The release of the CSO data for Q12013 GDP/GNP gives us the sobering realisation that yes, we are in a quadruple dip recession. Data are GDP Current Prices Not SA
Still…. im sure it could be worse

2 thoughts on “A Quadruple Dip Recession

  1. vandra

    Hi, can you just tell me, a dunderhead, are things ever going to get better (I know obviously at some point they will, but I mean in the foreseeable future)? My sister works in a bank and says banks really trying and being very decent about coming to arrangements with those in mortgage difficulties but they are frustrated with clients who have the money to pay something towards their debts but choose to spend it elsewhere. I know lots of people like this – still driving two cars, some gas guzzling jeeps, running credit cards etc. and taking lots of holidays while pleading poverty. I also know a few who have small businesses who say they have seen tiny improvements of late. Am I a hopeless optimist, or are things slowly getting better? Will be out of it in say 5 years?


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