11th INFINITI Conference on International Finance ; Financial Crisis, Integration and Contagion

This weekend in Aix en Provence the 11th annual INFINITI conference on International finance kicks off.

This is the first time we have had this conference outside Ireland. Alas, a persistent and ongoing lack of support and buy in  (financial, delegate or otherwise) from local finance and regulatory bodies plus other factors mean that in the medium term it is unlikely to return.

We have an agreement to host it in Monash University Center in Prato in Italy in 2014/2016/2018 and are in discussions with other centers for the other years.

We have over 250 delegates with the top attending countries:

Germany – 41 delegates

France – 38 delegates

UK – 30 delegates

USA – 23 delegates

Ireland – 17 delegates

40% of the delegates are returning delegates; 60% have never attended an INFINITI before (although there’s the odd few who attended GFC 2005 which we held in TCD). 52% of returning delegates also attended last year.

The conference has two excellent keynote speakers: Rene Stulz of Ohio State and Geert Bekaert of Columbia.

We have three special sessions, on Sustainable Finance, on Pricing Structured Products and on the Macroeconomic effects of Financial and Banking Reform. We also have a session on Meet the Editors, for those perplexed about the editorial and reviewing process (this may include editors…). A special issue of Journal of Banking and Finance will also be produced, guest edited by my good self.

There are 71 scientific sessions and a series of ongoing poster presentations. Some of the session titles  include

  • Yield Curves and Spreads
  • Volatility, Jumps and Events
  • Sovereign Risk
  • Shareholder Value
  • Risk Measurement Regulation
  • Regulation: Macro Perspectives
  • Portfolio Issues
  • Politics and Finance
  • Modelling Volatility
  • Modelling the Macro Economy
  • Market Sentiment
  • International Portfolios
  • Integration: Future and Past
  • Integration: Financing Effects
  • Gold and Other Assets
  • Global Banking Networks
  • FTQ and Safe Havens
  • Firms, Credit and Crises
  • Financial Management and Performance
  • Financial Geography
  • Exchange Rate Pass Through
  • European Banking and the Crisis
  • Equity Market Volatility
  • Emerging Markets and Capital Flows Corporate Capital Structure
  • Emerging Markets and Banking
  • Directors and Boards
  • Culture and Finance
  • Cross Asset Analyses
  • Contagion in the Crisis
  • Contagion in Equity Markets
  • Contagion in Bond Markets
  • Contagion in Asset Markets
  • CDS
  • Bubbles, Gold and Predictability
  • Banks as Companies
  • Banking Vulnerabilities
  • Banking Transmission Mechanisms
  • Banking Capital and Externalities
  • Banking and Corporate Financing
  • Bank-State Debt Relationships
  • Bad Banks, Weak Banks
  • Anomalies

A full conference programme (beta) is here to download.


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