TCD : ‘Leiden’ the pack in Irish universities

The Leiden world university rankings are out. We’re ranked at 48, up from 63 last year, and have therefore moved into the top 50 in the world in this ranking. UCD is ranked 281, UCC 181. Which is nice…but dont get too carried away.

The Leiden methodology uses research and collaboration metrics only – no ‘reputation’ surveys and no attempt at those problematic/questionable ‘teaching’ metrics used by the THE . So, its like all of these, partial and incomplete. But in so far as it goes it is very solid  The ranking is presented based on research impact, but views by other indicators are also available. See here for the full set .

Leiden Ranking – Research impact in Europe:

We rank at 9 in Europe. UCC is at 79 in Europe. Queen’s University Belfast is at 102 in Europe. UCD appears at 121 in Europe.

Leiden Ranking – Biomedical and Health Sciences:

We’re at 36 in the world and 8 in Europe in Biomedical and Health Sciences. UCD 243 worldwide, UCC 119.

Leiden Ranking – Life and earth sciences:

TCD is at 165 in the world and 70 in Europe. UCD 243, UCC 148 worldwide

Leiden Ranking – Mathematics and computer science:

TCD is at 73 in the world and 14 in Europe, UCD 187, UCC 358

Leiden Ranking – Natural sciences and Engineering:

TCD is 48 in the world and 10 in Europe, UCD 255, UCC 241.

Leiden Ranking – Social Sciences and Humanities

TCD is 114 in the world and 31 in Europe, UCD 248

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