Pettifogging nanny state gone mad

3-10pic1 (1)So, the new personal insolvency guidelines are out. All 55 pages of them. It would be easier to give those who will end up in the clammy bureaucratic embrace of the ISI a ration book.

If your a single person living alone you can spend €31.09 on medical issues (including plasters) per month. And a whole €33.40 on personal grooming. An a fiver on the phone. The guidelines are rife with mindless, exact intrusions on what you can spend, where, by how much. You CAN go to the cinema (the orwellian term is Social Inclusion Events) but you CANT go on holiday.  And so on. And on….

Its one thing to suggest that people in personal insolvency situations cant spend money like it was going out of fashion.   Its quite another, demeaning insulting and downright intrusive, to tell adults they can spend X on toothpaste, Y on bog roll and Z on apples. It is a level of social control that is or should be beneath us. But watch.. all over the shop we will find people smirking and spitting “well, they clearly couldnt manage their own finances so SOMEONE will have to ” between pursed lips. Or “well, if they wanted to spend as they wanted they shouldnt have gone broke should they” .  Oh, the net twitchers will love this . Its an attitude that hearkens back to the social control of the 1950s.

Here is an idea, and its a good one : set a min and max % of after tax disposable income that must be allocated to the discharge of the debts. Say between 33% and 66%. The more income the greater a %. Then, let adults themselves determine what they will spend the remainder on. Some may want cheap food and a holiday. Others may want to eat more and better but wash less. I dont know and so long as they dont starve any kids involved, dont really care. Nor should you or anyone else.

Nanny state pettifogging social control squinting window intrusiveness gone bonkers.


6 thoughts on “Pettifogging nanny state gone mad

  1. machholz

    Reblogged this on Machholz's Blog and commented:
    This is just the pits, we can now all head off to the CLIFFS OF MOHER and all jump off leaving this Ba-NAMA land to the Gombeens in Lenster house. Seriously are we all just going to sit back and let the Banks dictate how we are going to live and die???.
    We the people were hood-winked into accepting that we had to bailout the corrupt banking houses now they are running rough shot over 100,000 homeowners who are been forced to pay back debts the bankers have already got paid for. So a bailout for the bankers is acceptable but the citizens are expected to take on stress levels, hounding phone calls and threats to their credit ratings that is driving some to suicide if you believe the word on the street!
    When did we allow this unelected power over ourselves to take hold? We must now get serious and start the fight back against this banker dictatorship.
    This is the last straw !

  2. Georg R. Baumann

    ..//.Nanny state pettifogging social control squinting window intrusiveness gone bonkers…//..

    Superfiicial eloquence can be painful, but you have a point here!


  3. Georg R. Baumann

    Forgot something… there was a german TD writing a cook book (no shit!) to prove that people on wellfare (Hartz 4) have no problem to accomodate a healthy lifestyle… Right!

  4. Robert Browne

    @ Georg R. Baumann
    Did they bring in a French chef during the famine to see if they could make the soup more interesting? I think he threw in a few bay leaves and pepper but it was as watery as ever. I’am sure this insolvency stuff is going to make us the laughing stock (pun intended) of the world, but at least it shows us up for what we are. Methinks its time to roll out the tumbrils for the devisers of these final solutions.

  5. Rich

    The whole thing is nuts and pathetic attempt to use the last human capital to prop up asset prices for ghost banks balance sheets, this country insists on avoiding reality and on can kicking, those that are insolvent should be declared bankrupt and released after 3 years, all assets stripped and sold at market value. Then we will see the extent of the banks loses and get, a long overdue, understanding of the task ahead as loses are crystallised and reality rejoined, I believe it will necessitate a default and a bail in – let’s get on with it


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