Cypriot SME Cash Holdings and the “corralito”

Data on these are hard to get. The best and its not very good, is the Amadeus Database by Bureau Van Djik. 

Looking throught this this AM, I extracted the “cash and cash equivalent” balance sheet item for 2011 (the latest year for which there are accounts) for a set of Cypriot companies. These were non-financial non-state corporations, independent (as in not subsidiaries) and SME’s as per the european classification. 

Remember that all deposits up to 100k are safe; remember also that even the most financiallly unaware Cypriot SME must have been thinking about the safety of their cash since 2011.

Average Cash – €487 ; Median Cash €66k 

A lot of Cypriot SME’s if the distribution is similar now as it was then (which is imho still probable – who would think that the bank deposits would be in play, right?) will be badly hurt. 

Remember : “its all hot russian money”….

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