So now what, as ECB give two fingers to Ireland?

Well, I hate to say it but I told you so, many times.
The ECB have basically told the Irish government to PFO, in it’s desire to seek a reduction in the cost of the wretched Anglo prom notes.

It’s a straightforward no. No reduction in terms, no reduction in interest rates.

A smart government would respond with a statement that they were NOT going to pay, and defy the ECB. Instead a spokesperson for the dept declined to comment.
Although I think it’s dangerous perhaps s referendum
That asks if we should leave the euro in the absence of a deal might sharpen the debate

Whats so hard about saying “Dear Mr Draghi, NO”


3 thoughts on “So now what, as ECB give two fingers to Ireland?

  1. Geraldine Cannon

    Its the muppet from Mayo show…as Ireland flounders.Time to put someone with the mettle to PFO back ASAP…while we still have a chance to call Ireland.Are the two “muinteoiri naisunta” happy now?

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