Bank of Ireland – wasting your money hand over fist

So this Am I got a text message from BoI – you know, the best looking horse in the glue factor that is the Irish banking system, the entity of which we own 1/3 

“Our records indicate that you have not activated your new Visa Debit
card. Your ATM/Laser card will be cancelled 2 mths after your new cardissued. If you have activated your card please ignore this. For
queries contact us on 0818365365 or NEVER
disclose personal details via email”


Now, I know my VD card is working as of this AM so I got concerned. I know of some recent screwups with family and friends on the switchover  and didnt want to be caught out. 

So I rang… and waited online for 9 minutes before “John” answered. This, he said, is being sent to everyone. As in all customers.

Now, as I suggested to a bemused John, changing this from “Our records indicate that you have not activated your new Visa Debit card” to “Dear Customer, a reminder that if you have not already ...” would show a) competence (that the bank could identify customers that had/hadnt), b) customer sensitivity, c) customer courtsey. This seemed to flummox him and he kept reiterating that while he understood i had activated the card this was the message. 

 I dont know and cant be bothered finding out how many BoI customers this is being sent to but its got to be in the hundreds of thousands. So hundreds of thousands of texts are being sent needlessly. Which is a waste of money. Your money and mine. 

Score one for boneheadedness BoI. 


3 thoughts on “Bank of Ireland – wasting your money hand over fist

  1. C. L.

    I just received this same text and decided to Google it before freaking out, and luckily found your post. I agree wholeheartedly with this total waste of money and time. As if people weren’t confused enough about the new card, now BoI decide to put the frighteners on people, without even checking their own records first. What a wonderful display of moronicness.
    Thank you for your post clearing up the matter, I’m sure I won’t be the last to appreciate it in the days ahead.

  2. Ex BOI customer

    At least you got a text! I found that my laser was cancelled even though I never receiver nor activated the VD card. I was in the UK when I realised without access to money. Not a happy camper.

  3. Donal Lyons

    You think that’s bad? I have had a Business Account (for which I pay) and have never managed to use it. I go from useless support call to yet more useless support call, each time holding on interminably. And unfortunately I own the B^&%&^%^%s.


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