Irish junior finance minister says national debt is unsustainable

Is our debt unsustainable? One Irish minister for finance thinks so….

NAMA Wine Lake

As someone who has watched in frustration as both our Minister for Finance Michael Noonan and Department of Finance have consistently maintained that our debt:GDP % is “sustainable” on the basis that it will eventually come down, it came as a welcome, though surprising, relief last night to hear Brian Hayes, junior minister for finance at Brendan Howlin’s Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, say that the debt was “unsustainable”.  Minister Hayes was speaking on RTE’s Prime Time current affairs programme and his statement was a bald “our debt is not sustainable” This contrasts with, for example, the view of the Department of Finance which in May 2012 produced a document “The Irish Economy in Perspective” from which the graph above is extracted, along with the official view that our debt was “sustainable”

To me, this was a “game changer” of “seismic” proportions, because up to now, the official line…

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