The enduring (but not endearing) mystery of Dublin airport buses

There are many mysteries in life; how they get the figs into the fig roll, why cork people consider themselves superior to Kerry people, the reason for evil. A bigger mystery is why at Dublin airport the buses for the long term car parks do not serve the new terminal two which cost nearly €400m euro and which serves not just the flagship Aer Lingus carrier but also the transatlantic long haul.
Instead, the buses remain where they always were, at terminal one. So you walk the fairly short distance and get your bus. Which is fine when the weather is clement, but not so fine in the not-infrequent rain.

20120703-075303.jpg A truly customer focused airport would have the buses serve both, which could be done by simply havin them parked at the angle between the two terminals.

Iv emailed Dublin Airport Authority on this (and on some other issues) over the years but no response. The website doesn't even have a “customer feedback” section as far as I can see. What's the deal?




7 thoughts on “The enduring (but not endearing) mystery of Dublin airport buses

  1. Colin McGovern (@cmcgovern)

    You see this everywhere, and someone will have a “good reason” why they do it this way which purely serves some narrow interest and not the customer at all. I genuinely don’t understand why they can’t get simple stuff right.

    You even see it with the Luas, was the person who named the stops on acid? Why could the stops not have simple names that relate to their surroundings? Fine for the locals who get used to it but how is a tourist meant to cope.

    Maybe we need a website to act as a repository for all of this stuff that we can use as a means to communicate to the appropriate authority that this stuff:

    1) Is genuinely annoying.
    2) Makes living in and visiting Dublin harder than it needs to be.
    3) Is eminently fixable.

    Up for it?

  2. AL

    “customer feedback” from a public sector organisation?!?!

    as a public sector parasite yourself Lucey, one would hope you would know why there isn’t that option – the public sector doesn’t give a monkeys about providing good customer service.


    Well !

    Anyone following our Twitter exchanges will know the answer to that Cork/kerry (sic) question. :-O

    Did John Cochrane “wipe your eye” by naming his blog as he did ?

    All that said, I’ll take your word about the Dublin (where’s that ?) AIrport situation 🙂

  4. IOK

    I used to set up a similar problem for consulting “case interviews”.

    One answer I liked but rarely got was essentially “if anyone cared they’d have fixed it already therefore it’s not really a problem, is it?”

    Wet customers isn’t a problem for anyone at Dublin airport. You can bet no ministers or other big shots get wet so no problem.


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