Ireland needs an industrial policy..

NAMA Wine Lake

Here is a car. In fact, it’s quite a special car. It’s the Duesenberg Simone, a one-off car produced in 1938/9 by the American car manufacturer Duesenberg. Duesenberg was like the American Rolls Royce in the 1920s and 1930s, producing luxury cars that would cost over €1m in today’s money, but has since disappeared as a manufacturer. In 1938 it was commissioned by the French cosmetics and perfume magnate Guy De La Roche to design a car for his lover, Simone. And in 1939 the one-off car was finished and delivered toFranceon the eve of the Nazi invasion of that country. The fate of the car and the two Americans who delivered it is not known. There is a film in there someplace.

Ireland never had a totally indigenous car industry but we did have a substantial Ford plant in Cork for decades in the last century until it was…

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