How long does it take to build a bridge?

I live in Sallins, a pleasant village outside Dublin. The main attraction when we moved in was it suited both our commutes. It still does and I get a train to Heuston station.
The Arrow commuter route is fairly ok. The service is decent in frequency, and not expensive if you use the tax saver option. The trains are new enough and some persistent blips apart (the 0820 which NEVER arrives before 0830ish) is for Irish standards bang on time.

What is hugely annoying is the frank contempt with which Irish rail treat us commuters. This is exemplified in the ongoing works at Sallins station. The main impetus for these works was and is to make the station disabled accessible. Work started in November and is still ongoing.

Now,  its June, and as we know the irish climate has gotten wetter. Despite the fact that the majority of people standing on the platforms waiting are dublin bound  (few people board the train Kildare bound at Sallins) the works, over the winter and spring, have resulted in no shelters. So in the rain we huddle. Mind you, they did build a small shelter on the Kildare platform, but as I said nobody really uses that…

The reason for the bridge? Because for some reason Irish Rail declined to build a lift to take disabled people over the tracks and instead this massive structure has emerged.

It would be nice to think that we would get the shelters back for the winter. At least now the rain is warm.


One thought on “How long does it take to build a bridge?

  1. Sandra Boyd

    I do not miss the commuter trains at all, I used to despair at the Maynooth service! This happens in the northwest as well: Iarnroid Eireann, in their inifinite wisdom, spent insane amounts of money and months and months building a bridge across the railway tracks for … one house even though there was already a level-crossing installed.


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