Is the Anglo Promissory Note “deal” announced in March 2012 now in tatters?

“NAMA loaned IBRC the €3.1bn for 60 days which expires on 30th May, 2012 – that’s today and it looks as if “the deal” is now in tatters.”

NAMA Wine Lake

If you ask the Government what it has done to deal with this country’s debt, particularly the debt arising from the €68bn* bank bailout, you will get a three-part response. Firstly the Government claims to have saved the State €10bn through negotiating a reduction in the bailout interest rate from about 6% to 3.5% last July 2011, secondly the Government has saved €5bn by negotiating deals with subordinated bondholders at the state-guaranteed banks and thirdly the Government negotiated a deal whereby the €3.1bn payment of the Anglo Promissory Note in March 2012 was deferred.

On the first you might rightly point out that the interest rate reduction was secured on the shirt-tails of Greece’s woes and that Ireland had to give corporate tax concessions for the reduction, something Portugal didn’t have to provide even though Portugal got the same interest rate reduction on its €52bn EU bailout (Ireland’s EU bailout…

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