Perhaps the most annoying advert on the radio at present is the one for “safe food”.  Its brought to you by the Safe Food Agency. Of course it’s a good idea to not poison yourself or your family but the advert is imho so over the top as to ridicule the issue.  The SafeFoodAgency have, on their quiz about how minging is your kitchen,  and I kid you not, a bacteria cam…. The SFA are the same people that informed us, faces a-po, that there was a silent menace of obesity and gave us all tapes to measure our vast girth. Mine was too small…

The ad consists of a monotonic litany of common household and kitchen appliances: your knife, your fork, you chopping board, your spoon, your eggcup, your teacups, your ….and ends with an ominous silence before saying …YOUR CHILD…Apparently these things are all infested with germs. That small children are walking plague vectors is nothing new to anyone who has spent any time with them, but I guess the implied solution from the Safe Food Agency of boiling all of the aforementioned utensils in high pressure bleach solutions is not really a runner for a wee babby…

The objective is probably to make us aware of germs. It could not be more over the top if they screamed “They’re all around you”. Honestly, its like a peek into the mind of Howard Hughes.

Perhaps the Safe Food Agency could just show this instead , prefaced with “bacteria and fatness…” and then segue into and skip the ad agencies…


4 thoughts on “GERMS ! GERMS I SAY!!!!!

  1. TriploidTree

    Glad to see im not the only person annoyed by the ad. When yer wan goes “if you could see the spread of germs you’d [panic too]”, to which I say, “if i could visualise the spread of germs, i’d be making a fortune floggin the technology to the paranoid”.

  2. Patrick

    A problem is without a sufficiently scientifically literate or numerate general public, shock tactics are the norm.

    And those involved in fixing this are as often to blame. I noted a Sindo front page excerpt with university maths folk bemoaning a deficiency in Project Maths with regard to preparing people for maths degrees; thereby missing the point of generating a numerate general public. A numerate scientically literate general public is less likely to need or put up with crap headlines and shock tactics.

  3. Delarivier

    Have these guys never heard of the ”Hygiene Hypothesis”?
    There’s nothing like a few germs and worms to stimulate the immune system!

  4. Alice

    I’m annoyed with the ad as well. It’s really disgusting sometimes to watch tv while having a lunch. Germs are really looking awful and it can make some paranid people like me for example stop eating for a while… and stay away from kids.


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