A super post here again answering Paul Mooney OpEd on Irish higher education

Ireland after NAMA

On Tuesday the Irish Times carried an opinion piece by Paul Mooney entitled ‘Inside Third Level‘.  I sent the IT the following response, but it’s not been carried so I’m putting it on the record here.

For someone who has worked in the university sector and has been the President of the National College of Ireland, Paul Mooney’s level of ignorance as to what lecturers and professors do and the purpose of the higher education is quite remarkable.  What is even more striking is that his opinion piece in the Irish Times (Inside Third Level) lacks the rigours of analysis that one would expect from an academic.  Assertion, anecdote and the partial, cherry-picking of data does not constitute evidence-informed analysis.

Where is the data and its systematic analysis to underpin the conclusions drawn?  Where are the international comparisons that would set Ireland in context of other higher education…

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