Banking : Back to the Future – presentation to the Crisis Conference

For those that were unable to make the crisis conference held today in Croke Park, please see below my slides on a possible future for banking. Note that these are suggestions and ideas : not detailed policy proposals. Theres only so much one can say in 25 minutes….

The slides re PDF and about 4mb in size as uploaded : click below then click again…

Banking slides : crisis Conference 25 Jan 2012

1 thought on “Banking : Back to the Future – presentation to the Crisis Conference

  1. sf ca writer

    Hello Brian
    Three quick thoughts on your excellent presentation on the future of Banking
    1. People really need to have a well developed contingency for an exit from the euro, or some catastrophic default. You discuss what in reality is a possible best case scenario. i.e. survival.
    2. Looking to the East for expanding business if perilous as long as negligence with regard to human rights persists. We cannot just ignore this, because it is a variable that ‘will’ inevitably change drastically.
    3. Cooperative banking is a way of the future. S&L was specific ‘frauds’ not a conceptual flaw. And never again should a Bank be bigger than the rest of the economy put together. More community involvement in all aspects of life should be a goal always.
    sf ca writer


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