What are the future business prospects for the Irish Economy?

The first course to be run by my Campus Company, Ussher Executive Education, takes place on 5 March 2012.  It’s a course on the future  business prospects for the Irish economy, looking back at what happened during the Celtic Tiger era (which properly speaking is the period from about 1997 to 2001/2002), the lasting influence of the bubble, and where business might be going.

The following is indicative of the kind of material that will be covered

  • Ireland’s potential for growth: Which elements of the Celtic Tiger will return, which will not?
  • what is the outlook for banking, for credit growth and creation, and for the housing  market.
  •  what’s going to happen with regard to Ireland’s national debt, and how will this impact on business.
  • can the Euro breakup, and if so what are the implications, good and bad, for Irish Business.
  • Where will jobs be created and where will they be lost in the next decade
The course will be delivered by Professor Karl Whelan. Full details are available here 
The course should be of great benefit to anyone who wishes to gain a comprehensive overview of the present state of the irish economy from a business perspective.

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